is a site founded and operating by Mr. Pragnacio Mr. Pragnacio is full-time professional soccer tipsters based in Greece since year 1998. With year of experinces and sports betting, Pragnacio able to gain trust in a sports manipulation syndicate network. All tips released is most confident. We encourage you to try other services first, so that you can see for yourself why we are simply the best in the industry. Other people boast money management systems, winning percentages, hot winning streaks, trends, point spread systems, etc. Some are pretty decent, while most others are poor and a small group can be considered lucky just to hit about 50% of their plays over time. We care most about our clients and importantly betting from our own pockets. We selected the best plays each match day that are incredible money makers. These plays mostly win! When you wager on our tips, you will win too! MatchFixingWorld have amassed an incredible record wagering on most league/club matches. Match fixing is often motivated by secret agreements with bookmaking syndicates, sometimes a team may deliberately lose to gain some perceived future advantage. MatchFixingWorld explore many possible motivations for not playing as hard as possible to win! MatchFixingWorld have direct access to dozens of players, referees and managers in the industry. With such rare insiders in the scene we have been able to consistently beat the oddsmakers and cash in huge! You will generate tons of extra cash for yourself following our tips!

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Latest Monthly Result

Jun 2019

Date Fixture Type Odds Pick Result Profits
18 Jun,2019 Ceres-Negros FC
Ha Noi TT
Fixed odds


Until Kick-Off

17 Jun,2019 China
Fixed odds Odds3.1 PickDraw win Profits+21
16 Jun,2019 Jerv
Fixed odds Odds3.4 PickDraw win Profits+24
15 Jun,2019 Kjellerup
Fixed odds Odds1.9 PickHilleroed to win win Profits+9
14 Jun,2019 Italy U20
Ecuador U20
Fixed odds Odds3.5 PickDraw win Profits+25
13 Jun,2019 Antofagasta
Fixed odds Odds5.8 PickBarnechea to win win Profits+48
12 Jun,2019 IFK Haninge BRB
IFK Stocksund
Fixed odds Odds4 PickDraw win Profits+30
11 Jun,2019 Iceland
Fixed odds Odds3 PickIceland to win win Profits+20
10 Jun,2019 Frem
Fixed odds Odds1.8 PickFrem to win win Profits+8
09 Jun,2019 Melilla
Atletico Baleares
Fixed odds Odds3 PickDraw win Profits+20
08 Jun,2019 USA U20
Ecuador U20
Fixed odds Odds2.6 PickEcuador U20 to win win Profits+16
07 Jun,2019 Montenegro
Fixed odds Odds3.2 PickDraw win Profits+22
06 Jun,2019 Greece U21
Georgia U21
Fixed odds Odds2 PickGreece U21 to win win Profits+10
05 Jun,2019 Liverpool FC
Fixed odds Odds2.9 PickDraw win Profits+19
04 Jun,2019 Japan U20
South Korea U20
Fixed odds Odds2.9 PickSouth Korea U20 to win win Profits+19
03 Jun,2019 SC KuFu-98
Fixed odds Odds2.6 PickSC KuFu-98 to win win Profits+16
02 Jun,2019 Aarau
Fixed odds Odds2.8 PickXamax to win win Profits+18
01 Jun,2019 Sirius
Fixed odds Odds1.9 PickDjurgaarden to win win Profits+9