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  • 1.0 -BettingLeads.com is an interactive service - audit authority which offers independent results and reviews.
  • 2.0 -BettingLeads.com cannot be held responsible for any kind of damage occurred to the user or viewer, financial or otherwise, based on information or links provided on the BettingLeads.com website.
  • 3.0 -"User" is the person who establishes or accesses a connection (Account) for access to and use of BettingLeads.com.
  • 4.0 -"Viewer" is the person who accesses the BettingLeads.com website without any account and uses the BettingLeads.com website for any purpose.
  • 5.0 -By creating an account, the User automatically registers to BettingLeads.com mailing list.
  • 6.0 -By agreeing on the Terms Of Service, you agree that you are using the services of the BettingLeads.com website at your own risk.
  • 7.0 -By agreeing on the Terms Of Service or by viewing the contents of the BettingLeads.com website, you agree that you are using the services of the BettingLeads.com website at your own risk.
  • 8.0 -This agreement sets forth the terms and conditions that apply to the use of BettingLeads.com website.
  • 9.0 -BettingLeads.com has the right to change the anytime but has the obligation to inform their Users.
  • 10.0 -BettingLeads.com has the right to cancel any account if that account breaks any of the terms mentioned at "Terms Of Service" document.


  • 1.0 -By joining BettingLeads.com as a verified tipster, the User agrees to comply with all the terms and conditions.
  • 2.0 -An user can join BettingLeads.com website, if he/she : Owns a website or web-blog which deals with sports betting Owns a mailing list which offers sport's betting picks. Offers some kind of investing service.
  • 3.0 -The user who wants his/her service to be verified by BettingLeads.com must pay the current (at the time) monthly subscription rate to BettingLeads.com . If the User signs for the first time, he/she must pay a minimum subscription of three (3) months. After the end of the 3-month period, the subscription is renewed every three (3) months.
  • 4.0 -The user has the obligation to insert his/her pick on BettingLeads.com database, prior to event's start.
  • 5.0 -It's user’s obligation to state the correct event, pick's price (odds), bookmaker and stake. Once these variables have been entered, they cannot be changed.
  • 6.0 -If the user has entered wrong details (by mistake) in any of these variables, should contact BettingLeads.com support desk, prior to event's start.
  • 7.0 -Failure to do so, may lead to account's cancellation without BettingLeads.com having to return the subscription fee.
  • 8.0 -The user can enter single and combo bets on BettingLeads.com database.
  • 9.0 -User has the obligation to enter all bets available on his/her website/blog/mailing list to BettingLeads.com database. Failure to do so will lead to account's cancellation without BettingLeads.com having to return the subscription fee.
  • 10.0 -BettingLeads.com has the responsibility to verify the authenticity of the bets on a reasonable time frame. Whilst every effort will be made to ensure the pending bets are delivered in good time, BettingLeads.com cannot be held responsible for any losses arising from missed winning bets due to the failure on the part of any service providers whatsoever.
  • 11.0 -The User has the right to request from BettingLeads.com to make an independent review of his/her website, service or e-book.
  • 12.0 -The Review is made after the User has paid the requested fee.
  • 13.0 -The Review is independent and there is the possibility that the User may not like what BettingLeads.com has written for his/her website, service or e-book. Once the Review is being published, the User cannot request the withdraw of the review.

Payments / Other Terms

  • 1.0 -If the User breaks any of the conditions he cannot be entitled to refund.
  • 2.0 -Payments should be made to BettingLeads.com Paypal.
  • 3.0 -Once a User has paid his subscription fee and begins to submit plays to BettingLeads.com, there are no refunds.
  • 4.0 -The User must pay a minimum subscription 30 days.
  • 5.0 -The fee for the BettingLeads.com review is 150 USD / Per month.
  • 6.0 -Even if the User has negative results, he/she must continue publishing his/her picks until the end of the period.

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