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Latest Monthly Result

Jul 2017

Date Fixture Type Odds Pick Result Profits
22 Jul,2017 Criciuma
Asian Handicap


Until Kick-Off

22 Jul,2017 IFK Mariehamn
Fixed odds Odds3.4 PickDraw win Profits+24
21 Jul,2017 Bohemian FC
Derry City
Asian Handicap Odds1.9 PickDerry City -0.5 win Profits+9
21 Jul,2017 Sandecja Nowy Sacz
Arka Gdynia
Fixed odds Odds3.3 PickDraw win Profits+23
20 Jul,2017 Jagiellonia Bialystok
FK Qabala
Fixed odds Odds5 PickFK Qabala to win win Profits+40
20 Jul,2017 Galatasaray
Oestersunds FK
Asian Handicap Odds1.8 PickOestersunds FK 1.5 win Profits+8
19 Jul,2017 AC Oulu
Asian Handicap Odds0 Pickpostponed NA Profits0
19 Jul,2017 FC Torpedo Minsk
FC Luch Minsk
Fixed odds Odds2.6 PickFC Luch Minsk to win win Profits+16
18 Jul,2017 Albion Rovers
Fixed odds Odds3.6 PickDraw win Profits+26
18 Jul,2017 Austria
Asian Handicap Odds2.1 PickAustria +0.25 win Profits+11
17 Jul,2017 Fjolnir
Asian Handicap Odds2.2 PickFjolnir -0.25 win Profits+12
17 Jul,2017 Vikingur Olafsvik
IA Akranes
Fixed odds Odds2.3 PickVikingur Olafsvik to win win Profits+13
16 Jul,2017 JJK
Asian Handicap Odds2.2 PickSJK -1.25 win Profits+12
16 Jul,2017 Ilves
Fixed odds Odds3.6 PickDraw win Profits+26
15 Jul,2017 CRB
Asian Handicap Odds2 PickCRB +0.25 win Profits+10
15 Jul,2017 Vila Nova
Fixed odds Odds3.8 PickPaysandu to win win Profits+28
14 Jul,2017 SpVgg Bayreuth
FV Illertissen
Asian Handicap Odds1.9 PickSpVgg Bayreuth -0.25 win Profits+9
14 Jul,2017 Flora Tallinn
Levadia Tallinn
Fixed odds Odds3.5 PickDraw win Profits+25
13 Jul,2017 FC Memmingen
1860 Muenchen
Fixed odds Odds4.7 PickFC Memmingen to win lose Profits-10
13 Jul,2017 Broendby IF
Asian Handicap Odds1.8 PickBroendby IF -1.75 win Profits+4
12 Jul,2017 England U19
Czech Republic U19
Asian Handicap Odds1.8 PickCzech Republic U19 1.5 win Profits+8
12 Jul,2017 Jeju United
Jeonbuk FC
Fixed odds Odds3.3 PickJeju United to win win Profits+23
11 Jul,2017 Keflavik
HK Kopavogs
Asian Handicap Odds1.8 PickKeflavik -1.25 win Profits+8
11 Jul,2017 Tampines Rovers FC
Geylang International FC
Fixed odds Odds2.9 PickGeylang International FC to win win Profits+19
10 Jul,2017 Sarpsborg 08
Asian Handicap Odds2.1 PickLillestroem 0.5 win Profits+11
10 Jul,2017 Aalesund 2
Fixed odds Odds4.6 PickDraw win Profits+36
09 Jul,2017 Levadia Tallinn
Flora Tallinn
Fixed odds Odds3.4 PickDraw win Profits+24
09 Jul,2017 Cork City
St. Patrick's Athletic
Asian Handicap Odds2 PickSt. Patrick's Athletic 1.5 win Profits+10
08 Jul,2017 Figueirense
Fixed odds Odds3.3 PickCeara to win win Profits+23
08 Jul,2017 FC Inter
Asian Handicap Odds2.1 PickFC Inter -1.5 win Profits+11
07 Jul,2017 IFK Mariehamn
Asian Handicap Odds1.9 PickIlves 0.5 win Profits+9
07 Jul,2017 Warriors FC
Home United FC
Fixed odds Odds2.2 PickWarriors FC to win win Profits+12
06 Jul,2017 Sutjeska
Levski Sofia
Asian Handicap Odds1.8 PickSutjeska +0.75 win Profits+8
06 Jul,2017 B36 Torshavn
Nomme JK Kalju
Fixed odds Odds2.5 PickNomme JK Kalju to win win Profits+15
05 Jul,2017 Army United
Lampang FC
Fixed odds Odds3.6 PickDraw win Profits+26
05 Jul,2017 Buriram United
Port FC
Asian Handicap Odds1.8 PickPort FC 1.75 win Profits+8
04 Jul,2017 La Fiorita Montegiardino
Asian Handicap Odds2.3 PickLa Fiorita Montegiardino +1 win Profits+13
04 Jul,2017 Alta 2
Fixed odds Odds0 Pickpostponed NA Profits0
03 Jul,2017 Clan Juvenil
Universidad Catolica
Asian Handicap Odds2.1 PickUniversidad Catolica -0.25 win Profits+11
03 Jul,2017 Haecken
Fixed odds Odds1.8 PickHaecken to win win Profits+8
02 Jul,2017 General Caballero
Caacupe FBC
Fixed odds Odds3.4 PickDraw win Profits+24
02 Jul,2017 VPS
IFK Mariehamn
Asian Handicap Odds1.8 PickIFK Mariehamn 0.25 win Profits+4
01 Jul,2017 Oeste FC
Santa Cruz
Asian Handicap Odds1.9 PickOeste FC -0.25 win Profits+9
01 Jul,2017 Parana Clube
Fixed odds Odds2.2 PickParana Clube to win win Profits+12