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Latest Monthly Result

Jun 2019

Date Fixture Type Odds Pick Result Profits
18 Jun,2019 England U21
France U21
Asian Handicap


Until Kick-Off

18 Jun,2019 Italy
Half Time A/H


Until Kick-Off

17 Jun,2019 Nigeria
Asian Handicap Odds2.2 PickNigeria +2 win Profits+12
17 Jun,2019 Germany U21
Denmark U21
Half Time A/H Odds2.2 PickGermany U21 -0.5 win Profits+12
16 Jun,2019 Italy U21
Spain U21
Correct Score Odds25 Pick3-1 / 1-1 win Profits+240
16 Jun,2019 Tromsdalen
Nest Sotra
Asian Handicap Odds1.9 PickTromsdalen +0.5 win Profits+9
16 Jun,2019 FF Jaro
AC Kajaani
Half Time A/H Odds2.1 PickAC Kajaani 0.25 win Profits+11
15 Jun,2019 IK Frej Taeby
Dalkurd FF
Half Time A/H Odds1.9 PickDalkurd FF 0 win Profits+9
15 Jun,2019 Ghana
South Africa
Asian Handicap Odds1.9 PickSouth Africa 0.25 win Profits+4.5
14 Jun,2019 Italy U20
Ecuador U20
Asian Handicap Odds1.8 PickItaly U20 +0.25 win Profits+4
14 Jun,2019 TPS
Musan Salama
Half Time A/H Odds2.3 PickMusan Salama 0.5 win Profits+13
13 Jun,2019 South Africa
Half Time A/H Odds1.9 PickChina -0.5 win Profits+9
13 Jun,2019 Egypt
Asian Handicap Odds2.1 PickTanzania 1.75 win Profits+11
12 Jun,2019 Deportivo La Coruna
Half Time A/H Odds2.4 PickMalaga 0 win Profits+14
12 Jun,2019 Japan U22
Mexico U22
Asian Handicap Odds1.8 PickMexico U22 0.75 win Profits+8
11 Jun,2019 New Zealand
Asian Handicap Odds1.9 PickNew Zealand +1.5 win Profits+9
11 Jun,2019 Bangladesh
Half Time A/H Odds1.8 PickLaos 0.5 win Profits+8
10 Jun,2019 North Macedonia
Asian Handicap Odds2.3 PickAustria -0.5 win Profits+13
10 Jun,2019 Spain
Half Time A/H Odds2.1 PickSweden 0.5 win Profits+11
09 Jun,2019 Dalkurd FF
Halmstads BK
Asian Handicap Odds2.3 PickDalkurd FF 0 win Profits+13
09 Jun,2019 Australia
Half Time A/H Odds2.1 PickAustralia -0.5 win Profits+11
08 Jun,2019 Brasil de Pelotas
Operario Ferroviario
Half Time A/H Odds3.5 PickBrasil de Pelotas -0.5 lose Profits-10
08 Jun,2019 Estonia
Asian Handicap Odds1.9 PickN.Ireland -0.5 win Profits+9
08 Jun,2019 FK Karlskrona
Oesterlen FF
Correct Score Odds19 Pick4-0 / 2-1 win Profits+180
07 Jun,2019 Colombia U20
Ukraine U20
Half Time A/H Odds2.3 PickUkraine U20 0 win Profits+13
07 Jun,2019 South Korea
Asian Handicap Odds1.8 PickSouth Korea -0.75 win Profits+4
06 Jun,2019 Netherlands
Asian Handicap Odds1.8 PickNetherlands +0.25 win Profits+4
06 Jun,2019 Iran
Half Time A/H Odds2 PickIran -0.5 win Profits+10
05 Jun,2019 Portugal
Asian Handicap Odds2.1 PickPortugal -0.75 win Profits+11
05 Jun,2019 Qatar U23
Guatemala U23
Half Time A/H Odds1.8 PickGuatemala U23 0.25 win Profits+4
04 Jun,2019 Real Oviedo
Rayo Majadahonda
Asian Handicap Odds1.9 PickReal Oviedo -0.25 win Profits+9
04 Jun,2019 England U20
Portugal U19
Half Time A/H Odds1.9 PickPortugal U19 0.5 win Profits+9
03 Jun,2019 Longford Town
Galway United FC
Half Time A/H Odds2.1 PickLongford Town -0.5 win Profits+11
03 Jun,2019 Ukraine U20
Panama U20
Asian Handicap Odds2.3 PickUkraine U20 -1.25 win Profits+13
02 Jun,2019 Universidad Catolica
Union Espanola
Asian Handicap Odds0 Pickpostponed NA Profits0
02 Jun,2019 Athletico Paranaense
Half Time A/H Odds1.9 PickAthletico Paranaense -0.25 win Profits+9
01 Jun,2019 Alcorcon
Asian Handicap Odds2 PickGimnastic 0.5 win Profits+10
01 Jun,2019 IFK Gothenburg
Correct Score Odds15 Pick0-1 / 1-0 win Profits+140
01 Jun,2019 Shandong Luneng
Jiangsu Suning FC
Half Time A/H Odds1.9 PickJiangsu Suning FC 0.25 win Profits+4.5