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Latest Monthly Result

Jun 2019

Date Fixture Type Odds Pick Result Profits
18 Jun,2019 Bolivia
Total Goals


Until Kick-Off

18 Jun,2019 Romania U21
Croatia U21
Asian Handicap


Until Kick-Off

18 Jun,2019 HIFK
Fixed odds


Until Kick-Off

17 Jun,2019 Nigeria
Asian Handicap Odds1.9 PickNigeria +2.25 win Profits+9
17 Jun,2019 Oergryte FF
Total Goals Odds2.1 PickUnder 2.25 win Profits+11
17 Jun,2019 Al-Wehdat
Fixed odds Odds4 PickAl-Ahed to win win Profits+30
16 Jun,2019 Italy U21
Spain U21
Asian Handicap Odds2 PickItaly U21 0 win Profits+10
16 Jun,2019 Albacete
Fixed odds Odds2.3 PickAlbacete to win win Profits+13
16 Jun,2019 Bodoe/Glimt
Total Goals Odds2 PickUnder 2.75 win Profits+10
15 Jun,2019 Canada
New Zealand
Asian Handicap Odds1.8 PickCanada -1 win Profits+8
15 Jun,2019 Netherlands
Total Goals Odds1.9 PickOver+3 win Profits+9
15 Jun,2019 Hebei CFFC
Dalian Yifang
Fixed odds Odds2.1 PickHebei CFFC to win win Profits+11
15 Jun,2019 Heidelberg United
Hume City FC
Correct Score Odds15 Pick1-2 / 1-1 win Profits+140
14 Jun,2019 Vikingur Reykjavik
HK Kopavogs
Fixed odds Odds2.3 PickVikingur Reykjavik to win win Profits+13
14 Jun,2019 Shelbourne
Drogheda United
Asian Handicap Odds1.9 PickShelbourne -0.25 win Profits+9
14 Jun,2019 Jamaica
Total Goals Odds1.9 PickOver+3.5 win Profits+9
13 Jun,2019 Antofagasta
Fixed odds Odds5.8 PickBarnechea to win win Profits+48
13 Jun,2019 Egypt
Asian Handicap Odds1.8 PickTanzania 2 win Profits+8
13 Jun,2019 Sudet
FC Reipas
Total Goals Odds2.5 PickOver+3.5 win Profits+15
12 Jun,2019 IFK Haninge BRB
IFK Stocksund
Total Goals Odds1.9 PickUnder 3.25 win Profits+9
12 Jun,2019 Morocco
Asian Handicap Odds2.4 PickGambia 1.5 win Profits+14
12 Jun,2019 Croatia U21
Denmark U21
Fixed odds Odds2.9 PickCroatia U21 to win win Profits+19
11 Jun,2019 Hungary
Total Goals Odds2.1 PickUnder 2 win Profits+11
11 Jun,2019 Kosovo U21
Turkey U21
Asian Handicap Odds1.9 PickKosovo U21 +0.25 win Profits+9
11 Jun,2019 Ukraine U20
Italy U20
Fixed odds Odds3.5 PickUkraine U20 to win win Profits+25
10 Jun,2019 Denmark
Asian Handicap Odds2.1 PickDenmark -1.75 win Profits+11
10 Jun,2019 Spain
Total Goals Odds1.9 PickOver+2.75 win Profits+4.5
10 Jun,2019 FC KTP
Fixed odds Odds2.2 PickTPS to win win Profits+12
09 Jun,2019 Tenerife
Real Zaragoza
Asian Handicap Odds1.9 PickTenerife -0.25 win Profits+9
09 Jun,2019 USA
Total Goals Odds2.3 PickOver+2.5 win Profits+13
09 Jun,2019 MYPA
TPV Tampere
Fixed odds Odds3.4 PickDraw win Profits+24
08 Jun,2019 Almeria
Correct Score Odds19 Pick3-0 / 1-1 win Profits+180
08 Jun,2019 Piacenza
Asian Handicap Odds1.9 PickTrapani 0.25 win Profits+4.5
08 Jun,2019 Moldova
Total Goals Odds2.2 PickUnder 1.75 win Profits+12
08 Jun,2019 USA U20
Ecuador U20
Fixed odds Odds2.6 PickEcuador U20 to win win Profits+16
07 Jun,2019 Montenegro
Asian Handicap Odds5.8 PickMontenegro -1.5 lose Profits-10
07 Jun,2019 Austria
Fixed odds Odds5.8 PickSlovenia to win lose Profits-10
07 Jun,2019 Ivory Coast
Total Goals Odds2.3 PickOver+3 win Profits+13
06 Jun,2019 Netherlands
Total Goals Odds1.8 PickUnder 2.5 win Profits+8
06 Jun,2019 Tromsdalen
Asian Handicap Odds2.1 PickJerv -0.5 win Profits+11
06 Jun,2019 China U23
Bahrain U23
Fixed odds Odds2.2 PickChina U23 to win win Profits+12
05 Jun,2019 Deportivo Pasto
Union Magdalena
Total Goals Odds2.3 PickOver+2.5 win Profits+13
05 Jun,2019 Middelfart
Fixed odds Odds4 PickDraw win Profits+30
05 Jun,2019 Czech Republic U21
Russia U21
Asian Handicap Odds2 PickCzech Republic U21 0 win Profits+10
04 Jun,2019 Elche
Deportivo La Coruna
Asian Handicap Odds2 PickElche +0.5 win Profits+10
04 Jun,2019 Lugo
Total Goals Odds2.3 PickUnder 1.5 win Profits+13
04 Jun,2019 Albacete
Fixed odds Odds4 PickMalaga to win win Profits+30
03 Jun,2019 NK Istra 1961
Fixed odds Odds7.5 PickSibenik to win lose Profits-10
03 Jun,2019 Longford Town
Galway United FC
Asian Handicap Odds4.7 PickGalway United FC 0 lose Profits-10
03 Jun,2019 FC KTP
Musan Salama
Total Goals Odds1.8 PickOver+2.5 win Profits+8
02 Jun,2019 TPV Tampere
AC Kajaani
Asian Handicap Odds1.9 PickAC Kajaani 0.25 win Profits+4.5
02 Jun,2019 Helsingborg
Malmoe FF
Total Goals Odds2 PickUnder 2.5 win Profits+10
02 Jun,2019 AB
Kolding IF
Fixed odds Odds2.3 PickKolding IF to win win Profits+13
01 Jun,2019 Oestersunds FK
GIF Sundsvall
Fixed odds Odds3.5 PickDraw win Profits+25
01 Jun,2019 Vorwaerts Steyr
Austria Wien (A)
Total Goals Odds1.8 PickOver+3.5 win Profits+8
01 Jun,2019 Parana Clube
Oeste FC
Asian Handicap Odds1.9 PickOeste FC 0.25 win Profits+4.5
01 Jun,2019 Jeju United
Ulsan Hyundai
Correct Score Odds19 Pick1-3 / 1-1 win Profits+180