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Latest Monthly Result

Jun 2022

Date Fixture Type Odds Pick Result Profits
25 Jun,2022 Danubio
Fixed odds


Until Kick-Off

25 Jun,2022 SC Neusiedl am See 1919
Rapid Wien
Asian Handicap


Until Kick-Off

24 Jun,2022 Shelbourne
Fixed odds Odds3 PickDraw win Profits+20
24 Jun,2022 Dalian Professional FC
Henan Songshan Longmen
Asian Handicap Odds1.8 PickHenan Songshan Longmen -1.5 win Profits+8
23 Jun,2022 Al-Taawoun
Al Shabab
Fixed odds Odds3.6 PickDraw win Profits+26
23 Jun,2022 JJK
JS Hercules
Asian Handicap Odds1.9 PickJJK -1.25 win Profits+9
22 Jun,2022 RSB Berkane
Wydad Casablanca
Fixed odds Odds2 PickWydad Casablanca to win win Profits+10
22 Jun,2022 England U19
Serbia U19
Asian Handicap Odds1.9 PickEngland U19 -1.25 win Profits+9
21 Jun,2022 IA Akranes
FH Hafnarfjordur
Fixed odds Odds4.3 PickDraw win Profits+33
21 Jun,2022 Shandong Taishan
Dalian Professional FC
Asian Handicap Odds2.1 PickShandong Taishan -1.75 win Profits+11
20 Jun,2022 Fram Reykjavik
IBV Vestmannaeyjar
Asian Handicap Odds2.1 PickIBV Vestmannaeyjar 0.25 win Profits+5.5
20 Jun,2022 Dila Gori
FC Samgurali Tskhaltubo
Fixed odds Odds2.5 PickDila Gori to win win Profits+15
19 Jun,2022 Atyrau
Fixed odds Odds2.6 PickAktobe to win win Profits+16
19 Jun,2022 Ordabasy Shymkent
Asian Handicap Odds2.3 PickOrdabasy Shymkent -0.75 win Profits+6.5
18 Jun,2022 KaaPo
HJS Akatemia
Asian Handicap Odds2.1 PickHJS Akatemia -0.75 win Profits+5.5
18 Jun,2022 EIF
SJK Akatemia
Fixed odds Odds1.9 PickEIF to win win Profits+9
17 Jun,2022 Dundalk
Shamrock Rovers
Fixed odds Odds3.5 PickDundalk to win win Profits+25
17 Jun,2022 Auda
FK Spartaks
Asian Handicap Odds2.5 PickAuda -1.75 win Profits+15
16 Jun,2022 KA Akureyri
Fram Reykjavik
Asian Handicap Odds1.9 PickFram Reykjavik 0.75 win Profits+9
16 Jun,2022 Torpedo Kutaisi
Sioni Bolnisi
Fixed odds Odds2.2 PickTorpedo Kutaisi to win win Profits+12
15 Jun,2022 Banfield
Central Cordoba de Santiago
Fixed odds Odds2 PickBanfield to win win Profits+10
15 Jun,2022 Salmi
Rapide Club Oued Zem
Asian Handicap Odds5.5 PickSalmi -1.5 lose Profits-10
14 Jun,2022 French Guiana
Asian Handicap Odds1.9 PickBelize 2 win Profits+9
14 Jun,2022 Kinondoni MC
Tanzania Prisons
Fixed odds Odds2.9 PickDraw win Profits+19
13 Jun,2022 Albania
Asian Handicap Odds2.2 PickEstonia 0.75 win Profits+12
13 Jun,2022 Mtibwa Sugar
Ruvu Shooting
Fixed odds Odds2.3 PickMtibwa Sugar to win win Profits+13
12 Jun,2022 Peka
Asian Handicap Odds2.4 PickNJS -0.25 win Profits+14
12 Jun,2022 Piteaa
Vasalunds IF
Fixed odds Odds0 Pickpostponed NA Profits0
11 Jun,2022 Guyana
Fixed odds Odds1.9 PickHaiti to win win Profits+9
11 Jun,2022 Ukraine
Asian Handicap Odds2 PickUkraine -2.25 win Profits+10
10 Jun,2022 Albania
Asian Handicap Odds2.4 PickIsrael 0 win Profits+14
10 Jun,2022 Belarus
Fixed odds Odds3 PickDraw win Profits+20
09 Jun,2022 Deportivo Lara
Metropolitanos FC
Fixed odds Odds3.3 PickMetropolitanos FC to win win Profits+23
09 Jun,2022 Slovenia U21
Andorra U21
Asian Handicap Odds2 PickAndorra U21 2.5 win Profits+10
08 Jun,2022 Gabon
Asian Handicap Odds2.3 PickMauritania 0.75 win Profits+13
08 Jun,2022 Hong Kong
Fixed odds Odds3.9 PickHong Kong to win win Profits+29
07 Jun,2022 Poland U21
Germany U21
Fixed odds Odds2.5 PickGermany U21 to win win Profits+15
07 Jun,2022 Finland U21
Azerbaijan U21
Asian Handicap Odds2.3 PickFinland U21 -2 win Profits+13
06 Jun,2022 GAIS
BK Olympic
Asian Handicap Odds1.9 PickBK Olympic 1 win Profits+9
06 Jun,2022 Baerum
Fixed odds Odds2.6 PickKjelsaas to win win Profits+16
05 Jun,2022 IF Gnistan
PEPO Lappeenranta
Asian Handicap Odds2.5 PickIF Gnistan -1.25 win Profits+15
05 Jun,2022 Ilves II
Fixed odds Odds4.1 PickDraw win Profits+31
04 Jun,2022 DR Congo
Fixed odds Odds5.1 PickGabon to win win Profits+41
04 Jun,2022 Seoul E-Land FC
Bucheon FC 1995
Asian Handicap Odds7.6 PickSeoul E-Land FC -1.75 lose Profits-10
03 Jun,2022 British Virgin Islands
Cayman Islands
Asian Handicap Odds2.2 PickBritish Virgin Islands +1.25 win Profits+12
03 Jun,2022 Kordrengir
Fixed odds Odds3.8 PickDraw win Profits+28
02 Jun,2022 Fajr Sepasi
Asian Handicap Odds9.1 PickPersepolis -3.5 lose Profits-10
02 Jun,2022 FC Vista Turbine
Kheybar Khorramabad
Fixed odds Odds3.4 PickKheybar Khorramabad to win win Profits+24
01 Jun,2022 Guingamp
Fleury Merogis U.S
Asian Handicap Odds2.5 PickFleury Merogis U.S -1.5 win Profits+15
01 Jun,2022 Poland
Fixed odds Odds6.3 PickWales to win lose Profits-10