"The bookie", "The bookmaker", "The betting agency" makes money by taking your money. Research says that only 2% of people who bet, have a profit from it, the rest of 98% lose their money in the bookmakers favor. You must understand that bookmakers have all the tools, all the power to control this market, the odds, the results of games, everything that is necesarry for them to make profits. Now, that you have understood that you must be in the 2% in order to take the bookmakers money, you may wonder "How can i be one of the 2% that really win?" . The answer to this question can be simple or it can be complicated. The only thing that you must know is that if you become a Member, you will certainly become one of the 2% that really win.

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Latest Monthly Result

Sep 2022

Date Fixture Type Odds Pick Result Profits
26 Sep,2022 England
Total Goals


Until Kick-Off

26 Sep,2022 Hammarby IF
Linkoepings FC
Asian Handicap


Until Kick-Off

25 Sep,2022 Criciuma
Chapecoense AF
Total Goals Odds7.4 PickOver+3.75 lose Profits-10
25 Sep,2022 Juventud de las Piedras
Uruguay Montevideo
Asian Handicap Odds2.2 PickUruguay Montevideo 0 win Profits+12
24 Sep,2022 Colchester United
Asian Handicap Odds2.5 PickRochdale 0 win Profits+15
24 Sep,2022 Pro Sesto
SG City Nova
Total Goals Odds2.2 PickOver+2.5 win Profits+12
23 Sep,2022 Italy
Total Goals Odds1.9 PickUnder 2.25 win Profits+9
23 Sep,2022 TSG Balingen
VfB Stuttgart II
Asian Handicap Odds1.8 PickVfB Stuttgart II 0.25 win Profits+4
22 Sep,2022 France
Asian Handicap Odds2.2 PickFrance -1.5 win Profits+12
22 Sep,2022 Croatia
Total Goals Odds2 PickOver+2.25 win Profits+10
21 Sep,2022 Chomutov
SK Dynamo Ceske Budejovice
Total Goals Odds1.8 PickOver+4 win Profits+8
21 Sep,2022 Banik Most-Sous
FC Vlasim
Asian Handicap Odds2.5 PickFC Vlasim -2 win Profits+15
20 Sep,2022 Fenix
Defensor Sporting
Total Goals Odds2.5 PickUnder 1.75 win Profits+15
20 Sep,2022 TSV Rain/Lech
Augsburg II
Asian Handicap Odds2.5 PickTSV Rain/Lech 0 win Profits+15
19 Sep,2022 CA Fenix
Los Andes
Asian Handicap Odds2.2 PickLos Andes -0.25 win Profits+12
19 Sep,2022 Alessandria
Total Goals Odds1.8 PickUnder 2.5 win Profits+8
18 Sep,2022 CASD Camioneros
Independiente Chivilcoy
Asian Handicap Odds2.1 PickIndependiente Chivilcoy -0.25 win Profits+11
18 Sep,2022 OLS
Total Goals Odds2.1 PickOver+3.5 win Profits+11
17 Sep,2022 Dreams FC
Kotoku Royals
Total Goals Odds2 PickUnder 2 win Profits+10
17 Sep,2022 Vitoria de Setubal
Asian Handicap Odds1.9 PickCaldas 0.25 win Profits+9
16 Sep,2022 Fortaleza FC
Llaneros FC
Asian Handicap Odds1.9 PickFortaleza FC -0.75 win Profits+4.5
16 Sep,2022 BW Linz
SKN St. Poelten
Total Goals Odds2 PickUnder 2.75 win Profits+10
15 Sep,2022 Al Ittihad
Al Khaleej
Total Goals Odds2 PickUnder 3 win Profits+10
15 Sep,2022 FC Sheriff
Manchester United
Asian Handicap Odds1.8 PickManchester United -1.5 win Profits+8
14 Sep,2022 Qatar SC
Total Goals Odds2.3 PickUnder 2 win Profits+13
14 Sep,2022 AC Milan
Dinamo Zagreb
Asian Handicap Odds1.8 PickAC Milan -1.25 win Profits+8
13 Sep,2022 Pergolettese
Total Goals Odds6.2 PickUnder 0.75 lose Profits-10
13 Sep,2022 Woking
Oldham Athletic
Asian Handicap Odds2.1 PickWoking -0.75 win Profits+11
12 Sep,2022 Eibar
Total Goals Odds2 PickOver+2.25 win Profits+10
12 Sep,2022 Jagiellonia Bialystok
Stal Mielec
Asian Handicap Odds2.4 PickJagiellonia Bialystok -1 win Profits+14
11 Sep,2022 Guillermo Brown
Gimnasia Mendoza
Asian Handicap Odds1.8 PickGimnasia Mendoza 0 win Profits+8
11 Sep,2022 GIF Sundsvall
Total Goals Odds2.5 PickUnder 2.75 win Profits+15
10 Sep,2022 Havant and Waterlooville
Ebbsfleet United
Asian Handicap Odds0 Pickpostponed NA Profits0
10 Sep,2022 Bradford PA
Gloucester City
Total Goals Odds0 Pickpostponed NA Profits0
09 Sep,2022 Austria Wien II
Vorwaerts Steyr
Asian Handicap Odds2.1 PickAustria Wien II -0.25 win Profits+11
09 Sep,2022 Warta Poznan
Zaglebie Lubin
Total Goals Odds2.2 PickOver+2.5 win Profits+12
08 Sep,2022 Bogota FC
Boca Juniors de Cali
Total Goals Odds1.8 PickOver+2.25 win Profits+8
08 Sep,2022 Ludogorets Razgrad
Asian Handicap Odds1.9 PickLudogorets Razgrad +1 win Profits+9
07 Sep,2022 Atletico MG
Red Bull Bragantino
Total Goals Odds1.8 PickUnder 2.5 win Profits+8
07 Sep,2022 Al-Rayyan
Al Markhiya
Asian Handicap Odds2.1 PickAl Markhiya 0.25 win Profits+11
06 Sep,2022 Trelleborgs FF
AFC Eskilstuna
Asian Handicap Odds2.1 PickAFC Eskilstuna 0.75 win Profits+11
06 Sep,2022 FC Samgurali Tskhaltubo
Dinamo Batumi
Total Goals Odds1.8 PickOver+2.5 win Profits+8
05 Sep,2022 Deportivo Riestra
San Martin de Tucuman
Asian Handicap Odds1.9 PickDeportivo Riestra +0.25 win Profits+4.5
05 Sep,2022 Peka
Total Goals Odds2 PickOver+3.75 win Profits+10
04 Sep,2022 Cerro Largo
Boston River
Total Goals Odds2.5 PickUnder 1.5 lose Profits-10
04 Sep,2022 Braga B
Canelas 2010
Asian Handicap Odds6.2 PickCanelas 2010 -1 lose Profits-10
03 Sep,2022 Sheffield Wednesday
Asian Handicap Odds2.1 PickBarnsley 0.75 win Profits+11
03 Sep,2022 Novorizontino
CS Alagoano
Total Goals Odds10 PickOver+4.5 lose Profits-10
02 Sep,2022 Difaa El Jadida
Union Touarga Sport
Total Goals Odds1.9 PickUnder 2 win Profits+9
02 Sep,2022 Dinamo Zagreb
Asian Handicap Odds1.8 PickDinamo Zagreb -1.75 win Profits+4
01 Sep,2022 Ireland
Asian Handicap Odds2.1 PickIreland -0.75 win Profits+5.5
01 Sep,2022 Maccabi Ahi Nazareth
Ironi Tiberias
Total Goals Odds2.1 PickOver+2.25 win Profits+11