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Latest Monthly Result

Jun 2022

Date Fixture Type Odds Pick Result Profits
25 Jun,2022 Independiente Cauquenes
Atletico Nublense
Asian Handicap


Until Kick-Off

25 Jun,2022 Israel U19
England U19
Half Time A/H


Until Kick-Off

25 Jun,2022 Riteriai
Fixed odds


Until Kick-Off

25 Jun,2022 Oern-Horten
Arendal Fotball
Half Time F/O


Until Kick-Off

24 Jun,2022 Afturelding
Thor Akureyri
Half Time F/O Odds2.9 PickAfturelding to win win Profits+19
24 Jun,2022 Ukraine
Asian Handicap Odds2 PickScotland -1.25 win Profits+10
24 Jun,2022 Altyn Asyr
CSKA Pamir
Half Time A/H Odds4.4 PickAltyn Asyr -0.75 lose Profits-10
24 Jun,2022 Romania U19
Slovakia U19
Fixed odds Odds2.7 PickSlovakia U19 to win win Profits+17
23 Jun,2022 Abha
Al Feiha
Fixed odds Odds2.5 PickDraw win Profits+15
23 Jun,2022 Al Fateh FC
Al Hilal
Half Time F/O Odds1.9 PickAl Hilal to win win Profits+9
23 Jun,2022 Ull/Kisa
Half Time A/H Odds1.9 PickGrorud 0.25 win Profits+4.5
23 Jun,2022 Ilves II
Asian Handicap Odds2 PickIlves II -1.25 win Profits+10
22 Jun,2022 Oerebro Syrianska IF
FC Stockholm Internazionale
Asian Handicap Odds1.8 PickOerebro Syrianska IF +0.25 win Profits+8
22 Jun,2022 Valmiera FC
Half Time A/H Odds6.2 PickValmiera FC -1 lose Profits-10
22 Jun,2022 Kano Pillars
Dakkada FC
Half Time F/O Odds1.8 PickKano Pillars to win win Profits+8
22 Jun,2022 RoPS
Fixed odds Odds1.9 PickRoPS to win win Profits+9
21 Jun,2022 Saburtalo
FC Telavi
Half Time F/O Odds2 PickDraw win Profits+10
21 Jun,2022 Hegelmann
Asian Handicap Odds5.6 PickSuduva -1 lose Profits-10
21 Jun,2022 BFC Daugavpils
SK Super Nova
Half Time A/H Odds2 PickSK Super Nova 0.25 win Profits+5
21 Jun,2022 Beijing Sports University FC
Shenyang Urban FC
Fixed odds Odds2.7 PickShenyang Urban FC to win win Profits+17
20 Jun,2022 Cerro Largo
Plaza Colonia
Fixed odds Odds2.7 PickCerro Largo to win win Profits+17
20 Jun,2022 Stjarnan
KR Reykjavik
Asian Handicap Odds8.9 PickKR Reykjavik -2.5 lose Profits-10
20 Jun,2022 Atlanta
Club Atletico Mitre
Half Time A/H Odds2.3 PickClub Atletico Mitre 0 win Profits+13
20 Jun,2022 Egersund
Odds Ballklubb 2
Half Time F/O Odds1.9 PickEgersund to win win Profits+9
19 Jun,2022 Cobreloa
Fixed odds Odds2.4 PickPalestino to win win Profits+14
19 Jun,2022 NSI Runavik
HB Torshavn
Asian Handicap Odds1.8 PickHB Torshavn -1.25 win Profits+8
19 Jun,2022 Sotra Sportsklubb
Half Time F/O Odds2.3 PickDraw win Profits+13
19 Jun,2022 Linkoepings FC
Umeaa IK
Half Time A/H Odds2.1 PickLinkoepings FC -1.25 win Profits+11
18 Jun,2022 Brasil de Pelotas
Fixed odds Odds3 PickBrasil de Pelotas to win win Profits+20
18 Jun,2022 Detroit City FC
El Paso Locomotive
Asian Handicap Odds10.5 PickDetroit City FC -2 lose Profits-10
18 Jun,2022 RFS
FK Liepaja
Half Time F/O Odds5.1 PickFK Liepaja to win win Profits+41
18 Jun,2022 Ilves
FC Lahti
Half Time A/H Odds1.8 PickFC Lahti 0.25 win Profits+4
17 Jun,2022 El Geish
Smouha SC
Half Time A/H Odds1.8 PickEl Geish 0 win Profits+8
17 Jun,2022 Juventud Unida Gualeguaychu
Union de Sunchales
Half Time F/O Odds4.6 PickUnion de Sunchales to win lose Profits-10
17 Jun,2022 Tampere United
Fixed odds Odds2 PickTampere United to win win Profits+10
17 Jun,2022 Auda
FK Spartaks
Asian Handicap Odds2.5 PickAuda -1.75 win Profits+15
16 Jun,2022 Valur
Half Time A/H Odds2.1 PickValur 0 win Profits+11
16 Jun,2022 Throttur Vogar
Half Time F/O Odds2.4 PickDraw win Profits+14
16 Jun,2022 Torpedo Kutaisi
Sioni Bolnisi
Fixed odds Odds2.2 PickTorpedo Kutaisi to win win Profits+12
16 Jun,2022 Sichuan Jiuniu
Shanghai Jiading
Asian Handicap Odds1.9 PickSichuan Jiuniu -1.5 win Profits+9
15 Jun,2022 Ittihad Tanger
FUS Rabat
Half Time A/H Odds1.8 PickIttihad Tanger 0 win Profits+8
15 Jun,2022 Azam FC
Mbeya Kwanza FC
Fixed odds Odds1.8 PickAzam FC to win win Profits+8
15 Jun,2022 Kano Pillars
Dakkada FC
Half Time F/O Odds0 Pickpostponed NA Profits0
15 Jun,2022 Wuhan Yangtze River
Wuhan Three Towns
Asian Handicap Odds2 PickWuhan Three Towns -0.75 win Profits+10
14 Jun,2022 Sportivo Ameliano
Half Time A/H Odds2 PickOlimpia -0.25 win Profits+10
14 Jun,2022 Netherlands
Asian Handicap Odds8.4 PickWales -0.75 lose Profits-10
14 Jun,2022 Moldova
Half Time F/O Odds2 PickDraw win Profits+10
14 Jun,2022 Kyrgyzstan
Fixed odds Odds2.7 PickDraw win Profits+17
13 Jun,2022 England U21
Slovenia U21
Half Time F/O Odds6.8 PickSlovenia U21 to win win Profits+58
13 Jun,2022 SJK
FC Inter Turku
Fixed odds Odds3.3 PickDraw win Profits+23
13 Jun,2022 Sao Tome and Principe
Asian Handicap Odds1.9 PickNigeria -3 win Profits+9
13 Jun,2022 Beijing Sports University FC
Shanghai Jiading
Half Time A/H Odds2.1 PickShanghai Jiading -0.25 win Profits+11
12 Jun,2022 Juventud Unida Universitario
Sansinena BB
Half Time F/O Odds5.5 PickSansinena BB to win win Profits+45
12 Jun,2022 Slovenia
Asian Handicap Odds2.3 PickSlovenia +0.25 win Profits+6.5
12 Jun,2022 Deportivo Moron
Villa Dalmine
Half Time A/H Odds3.8 PickDeportivo Moron -0.75 lose Profits-10
12 Jun,2022 GrIFK Grankulla
Tampere United
Fixed odds Odds2.5 PickTampere United to win win Profits+15
11 Jun,2022 Ponte Preta
Londrina EC
Half Time A/H Odds4.2 PickPonte Preta -0.75 lose Profits-10
11 Jun,2022 Romania
Fixed odds Odds2.7 PickRomania to win win Profits+17
11 Jun,2022 Flandria
Gimnasia Jujuy
Half Time F/O Odds2 PickDraw win Profits+10
11 Jun,2022 RC Arbaa
JS Saoura
Asian Handicap Odds2 PickJS Saoura -0.75 win Profits+5
10 Jun,2022 Andorra
Half Time A/H Odds1.9 PickLiechtenstein 0.25 win Profits+4.5
10 Jun,2022 Argentina U20
Japan U19
Asian Handicap Odds3.7 PickJapan U19 0 lose Profits-10
10 Jun,2022 MC Alger
MC Oran
Fixed odds Odds2.8 PickDraw win Profits+18
10 Jun,2022 Panama U23
Comoros U20
Half Time F/O Odds2 PickDraw win Profits+10
09 Jun,2022 KV Reykjavik
Asian Handicap Odds2.2 PickKV Reykjavik -0.25 win Profits+12
09 Jun,2022 North Macedonia
Half Time F/O Odds2.1 PickDraw win Profits+11
09 Jun,2022 Saudi Arabia
Fixed odds Odds2.6 PickVenezuela to win win Profits+16
09 Jun,2022 Sweden U21
Italy U21
Half Time A/H Odds2.2 PickSweden U21 0 win Profits+12
08 Jun,2022 BK Haecken FF
Eskilstuna United DFF
Asian Handicap Odds2.3 PickEskilstuna United DFF 1.5 win Profits+13
08 Jun,2022 KIF Oerebro
Hammarby IF
Fixed odds Odds2.2 PickHammarby IF to win win Profits+12
08 Jun,2022 Tanzania
Half Time F/O Odds2.2 PickAlgeria to win win Profits+12
08 Jun,2022 Thailand
Half Time A/H Odds2.5 PickThailand -1.25 win Profits+15
07 Jun,2022 Lithuania
Asian Handicap Odds2 PickTurkey -1.75 win Profits+10
07 Jun,2022 Lithuania U21
Northern Ireland U21
Fixed odds Odds3.4 PickDraw win Profits+24
07 Jun,2022 Khooshe Talaee Sana Saveh
Half Time F/O Odds2.8 PickKhooshe Talaee Sana Saveh to win win Profits+18
07 Jun,2022 Zhejiang Professional
Changchun Yatai
Half Time A/H Odds13.5 PickZhejiang Professional -1 lose Profits-10
06 Jun,2022 Saint Vincent and The Grenadines
Half Time F/O Odds2.4 PickDraw win Profits+14
06 Jun,2022 Austria
Fixed odds Odds2.4 PickDenmark to win win Profits+14
06 Jun,2022 Andorra
Half Time A/H Odds7 PickAndorra -0.75 lose Profits-10
06 Jun,2022 Ireland U21
Montenegro U21
Asian Handicap Odds2.5 PickIreland U21 -1 win Profits+15
05 Jun,2022 Manaus FC
Half Time F/O Odds2 PickDraw win Profits+10
05 Jun,2022 Flamengo
Asian Handicap Odds1.8 PickFortaleza 1.25 win Profits+8
05 Jun,2022 Wales
Fixed odds Odds2.8 PickWales to win win Profits+18
05 Jun,2022 Brommapojkarna
BK Haecken FF
Half Time A/H Odds2.1 PickBK Haecken FF -1.25 win Profits+11
04 Jun,2022 Botafogo PB
Fixed odds Odds3 PickDraw win Profits+20
04 Jun,2022 Mauritania
Asian Handicap Odds2.2 PickMauritania -0.75 win Profits+12
04 Jun,2022 Turkey
Faroe Islands
Half Time A/H Odds3.7 PickTurkey -1.75 lose Profits-10
04 Jun,2022 Arendal Fotball
Vard Haugesund
Half Time F/O Odds6.4 PickVard Haugesund to win lose Profits-10
03 Jun,2022 Bahamas
Saint Vincent and The Grenadines
Fixed odds Odds5.6 PickBahamas to win win Profits+46
03 Jun,2022 Germany U21
Hungary U21
Asian Handicap Odds1.9 PickGermany U21 -2.25 win Profits+9
03 Jun,2022 Czech Republic U21
England U21
Half Time F/O Odds2.4 PickEngland U21 to win win Profits+14
03 Jun,2022 Hebei FC
Wuhan Three Towns
Half Time A/H Odds2.2 PickWuhan Three Towns -1.25 win Profits+12
02 Jun,2022 San Marino U21
Poland U21
Half Time A/H Odds1.9 PickPoland U21 -1.5 win Profits+9
02 Jun,2022 Esteghlal Khuzestan
Khooshe Talaee Sana Saveh
Fixed odds Odds2.7 PickDraw win Profits+17
02 Jun,2022 Rayka Babol
Half Time F/O Odds1.8 PickDraw win Profits+8
02 Jun,2022 Arman Gohar Sirjan
Machine Sazi FC
Asian Handicap Odds2.4 PickArman Gohar Sirjan -2.5 win Profits+14
01 Jun,2022 Italy
Fixed odds Odds0 Pickpostponed NA Profits0
01 Jun,2022 Libya
Asian Handicap Odds1.8 PickLibya -0.75 win Profits+4
01 Jun,2022 Shooting Stars
Remo Stars
Half Time F/O Odds1.9 PickDraw win Profits+9
01 Jun,2022 Swallows FC
Cape Town All Stars
Half Time A/H Odds6.9 PickSwallows FC -1 lose Profits-10